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CABzorgt overcomes the barriers of language and cultural differences so that everyone receives the care they deserve.

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” Time is money, the manager said…
Care is taking time said the caregiver ”
Chelsea Boateng,
Caregiver and founder C.A.B. Zorgt
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home care

We come to your home and help with all daily care and general daily life activities. In addition, we also provide emotional support.


We offer support with the desired everyday tasks and also take the time to have conversations to combat loneliness.


We assist in the care and assistance of psychiatric patients with daily life activities.

care for

We provide help and support to people who are struggling with/suffering from addiction with everyday tasks and care in combination with emotional support.

We accompany clients with every type of hospital visit, both regular appointments and emergencies. This is to ensure that the client is always aware of what’s going on and can make informed decisions.
If desired, we take on a supporting role in discussions with doctors. We help translate and resolve any cultural differences so that the client’s wishes are always clearly communicated.
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In addition to providing support for everyday tasks, we believe it is important to build a relationship of trust with our clients. That is why we take the time for everyday conversations so that you really get to know us and that way can also support the client emotionally.
About us

Our mission is to give everyone access to the care they deserve.

At CABzorgt we are aware of how cultural differences and language barriers can create a barrier to access to the right care. As multicultural healthcare providers, we are focused on making medical information and personal care available so that every client can make informed decisions and then be sure that these are clearly communicated to other healthcare providers.
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