Home care

Help with everyday tasks
We come to your home and help with all daily grooming and general daily life activities. In addition, we also provide emotional support through social contact, if necessary. We are very responsive to the wishes and needs of clients.


Support with desired tasks
We provide support for the desired everyday tasks and listen to the preferences of the clients. In addition to the activities, there is always room for a chat, which we find important because of combating loneliness among the elderly.


Everyday support for psychiatric patients
We assist in caring for psychiatric patients and assist with daily life activities. Our care providers are certified for work in psychiatry and know how to deal with unpredictable behavior professionally.


Support for the extra vulnerable
We help with general daily life activities as well as provide emotional support to our clients. We believe that emotional support is central to these clients because of their sensitive mental state.

care for

Support in the times when you need it

We provide help and support to people who are struggling with/suffering from addiction with everyday tasks and care combined with emotional support. We want to support our clients in all areas to improve their quality of life.

Care for

Temporary support so that you can focus on the most important thing
We provide assistance to people who are temporarily in a rehabilitation process and who need some extra support during this time to accomplish their daily tasks. In this way, the client can fully focus on the rehabilitation process.

Care at

Everyday support so that you can get completely better again
We provide support to people who, due to the effects of Covid-19, need a little extra help in completing common daily life activities. We adhere to all government measures to ensure the health of our clients and employees.