The motivation behind C.A.B. Zorgt

About Us

C.A.B. Zorgt was founded by Chelsea Boateng who has since her 16th e worked. After gaining extensive work experience, she experienced certain bottlenecks in the system. So she decided to go her own way and started C.A.B. Zorgt. A healthcare organization that focuses on taking into account cultural differences, language barriers and personal care. C.A.B. Zorgt ensures that it is not associated with a large organization and is therefore not bound by standard rules. This means that at C.A.B. Zorgt there is the space to devote more time and attention to the clients, also on a personal level.
Chelsea Boateng,
Healthcare provider and founder of C.A.B. Zorgt
Why C.A.B. Zorgt?

We know; no two persons are the same

Healthcare often acts with standard rules and procedures, but this often overlooks individual wishes. That is why CABzorgt takes things a little bit differently. We take language barriers, cultural differences and personal wishes into account so that we can provide tailor-made care. After all, everyone is entitled to care.
Certified care
C.A.B. Zorgt provides professional support for both daily tasks and emotional support
Professional care
CABzorgt offers certified care in combination with years of experience in various care sectors.
In addition to a focus on care, we also find it important to build a relationship of trust with clients so that we can also offer emotional support.
Clear communication in healthcare is very important to us. That is why we do not only speak Dutch, but also English and Ghanaian (Twi).
At CABzorgt we always respect your culture and your opinion. We are here to help you.
Our healthcare providers

Understanding & caring

Our healthcare providers are satisfied with the knowledge that clients feel good.

Besides the fact that CABzorgt offers professional certified care, we also place extra focus on the social aspect of care. That is why we always have time for a chat because we also like the fun ourselves. We are very open people and therefore like to build up a relationship of trust with our clients so that we can also offer emotional support.
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